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The average Australian household uses about 280,000 litres of water per year. By making simple changes, you could save buckets.

Household water use

Household water use
Water use %
Outdoor 44%
Bathroom 20%
Toilet 15%
Laundry 14%
Kitchen 9%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Water Account, Australia, 2000-01

Shower power

Cut your time in the shower and install a water efficient showerhead. You can save around 8 buckets per person per day.

Half a flush will often do

Install a water efficient dual flush toilet. You can choose a full flush or a half flush and save around 4 buckets per person per day. A brick wrapped in plastic or a bottle of water in the cistern will also reduce the volume of water used to fill the cistern.

Cut the flow

To reduce the amount of water that goes down the drain, install aerators or flow restrictors to the end of your taps and save around 1 bucket for each minute the tap is running. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes and save around 2 buckets each time you use the sink.

Do a full load

Wait until you have a full load before washing clothes or dishes. When you're looking for your next appliance, a water efficient dishwasher could save around 2.5 buckets per load and a water efficient washing machine could save up to 6.5 buckets per load.

Bucket your car

Use a bucket when washing your car, and then give it a quick rinse with the hose. This can save around 9 buckets of water. Park the car on the lawn so that you can water your lawn at the same time.

Monitor your household water usage and see where you can make changes to save water.

Thirsty gardens and lawns

A sprinkler uses around 111 buckets per hour! Use a timer for the sprinkler, water when it's cool outside, water the roots not the leaves and use mulch to reduce evaporation. Save all those buckets by installing a rainwater tank and using that water for the garden.

Stop leaks

Repair any drips and leaks. Call a plumber or do it yourself. Fixing a leaky tap can save up to 22 buckets per day and a leaky toilet up to 29 buckets per day.

The AAA rating scheme: The AAA water efficient rating scheme identifies appliances, fixtures and fittings that are water efficient. Look for the AAA label when you are shopping for these items.