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A variety of measure are taken at the AM to ensure sustainable and ethical consideration of the environment informs day-to-day operations. From soft plastic recycling, to composting kitchen waste and coffee grinds to separating packaging material from the AM store merchandise for recycling. Image: Abram Powell
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NO plastic bags! Do not place recyclables inside plastic bags. Just one bag in your recycling bin could mean that the whole lot goes to waste.

E-waste? YES!

Many electronics can be recycled, so don't just toss them. This includes everything from fridges and microwaves to mobile phones and computers. Put them aside and find out where to drop them off.

Pizza Boxes? YES!

Most councils recycle EMPTY pizza boxes. If your council doesn't, shred them up and use them in your compost.

Plastic bottles and packaging? YES!

But which plastics can you recycle? All disposable plastic bottles and containers used in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry can be recycled.

Caps and lids off! Take the caps off bottles and the lids off jars and throw them in the garbage - they cannot be recycled.

Milk and juice cartons? YES!

Make sure they are empty and give them a rinse before placing them in the recycling bin.

Broken glass, crockery, mirrors? NO!

Only recycle glass bottles and jars (with lids and caps removed). Dispose of broken glass carefully in your garbage bin.

Needles and syringes? NO!

Needles and syringes cannot be recycled. They must be placed in a special sharps bin and disposed of at a community sharps disposal facility or at any public hospital. Visit for the location of safe disposal facilities in your area.

Motor vehicles? Yes!

Cars can be scrapped for parts and materials such as the metal, glass and plastic separated for recycling. CarTakeBack is a free service that removes any hazardous materials including oils, batteries and tyres, which cause environmental damage if disposed down the drain or in landfill.

Household chemicals, paint and automotive waste? YES!

Hazardous items and chemicals such as solvents and household cleaners, florescent globes and tubes, paint and paint related products, car batteries, motor oil, fuels and fluids should be disposed of correctly. Find out about household chemical disposal events in your area at