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Get on the bike

Getting in the car is convenient, but for trips under 5km it's usually quicker to ride than to drive. If you're travelling into the city in peak hour even a 15km ride will be quicker than a car trip—you'll just fly past all the traffic. You also get to park at the door, for free, and get your daily dose of exercise.

Take public transport

Jump on the bus or train. It's cheap, easy, convenient and reduces tonnes of greenhouse gas. If public transport is not available in your area, try the following options to reduce your travelling greenhouse gas emissions.


Carpooling is a fantastic option when public transport or cycling don't fit your needs. Carpooling with colleagues, friends and neighbours reduces the number of cars on the road and turns the drive into a time to socialise.

If you need a lift or have a spare seat in your car, check out

Car share

Why not avoid buying your own car? Explore the idea of sharing a car with a relative, partner or friend. You also get to share the costs, saving you heaps.

There are a few car share programs available. GoGet is available in in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Car Next Door is another sustainable option for personal car use in Sydney, as users pay to borrow someone else's idle car — so there are no extra vehicles added to the road and no dedicated parking spaces required.

Make your car more sustainable

Keeping your car in good condition will reduce oil and fuel consumption, making your car more environmentally friendly. Regularly service your car and ensure your tyres are inflated at the correct pressure and are properly aligned. Your driving style can also influence your fuel consumption, so drive smoothly, reduce your speed, use the air conditioning sparingly and switch off your car instead of idling in traffic. When purchasing a car, consider environmentally friendly options such as smaller 4 cylinder, fuel-efficient cars.

Travel light

Clean your car. Clear out your boot and rear seat of unnecessary items that just add weight to the vehicle. Every extra 45 kilograms carried in a vehicle can reduce the fuel efficiency by two per cent.

Reduce your air miles

Instead of flying across the country or overseas for your next holiday, explore your own state or plan a stay-cation and enjoy your local area. Avoid flying to work meetings by planning video conferences or teleconferences with colleagues in other cities or countries.