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I thought today we might take some time out to be still and notice our surroundings. Sometimes when we're quiet we can notice things that we may have not heard before. I can hear some birds. I can hear the wind through the trees. I can hear a dog in the distance. I wonder what you can hear? Are there smells that maybe you haven't smelt before? Or maybe there's things that you haven't really noticed just by looking at them.

If you have a camera or a device that takes images maybe you'd like to participate in our Spring Photography Challenge. You can download it below if you like, and see how many challenges you can complete. You might like to compare with a sibling and see how different your photos are, or how similar they are.

Time for you to get snapping and enjoy taking in your surroundings.

Thanks for watching and the adventure doesn't have to stop here. You can keep learning with many games activities and quizzes on our Australian Museum website. Have fun!

Duration: 5 mins

Ages: 5-12 years

Take some time to be still and quiet. Look around and see what you notice. Use our photography challenge card to see if you can complete them all.

Shopping list for this activity:

  • Parent supervision/permission
  • Camera (phone, tablet, digital camera, or other device for taking photos)
  • Outside (your backyard, your balcony or local green space)
  • Patience

Download our Photography Challenge Card