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Exhibition insights help students develop historical or scientific inquiry skills through connecting with key objects or specimens on display in exhibitions. Students are encouraged to discuss and share ideas about the items using the questions provided.

Learn about animals from Australia and around the world in our Wild Planet exhibition. Encounter the fossil ancestors of Earth’s living species, wonder at living fossils, see extinct species, and learn why preserving biodiversity is so important. Use our exhibition insights to help your students engage with the content.

Connect - Use the map to find the animals. Encourage students to look closely at the animals and connect with what they see, think and feel. Read nearby text panels or touchscreens for extra information.

Share – Facilitate opportunities for students to share and discuss their ideas about the animals using the insight questions to help them.

Reflect – Ask students to reflect on their findings of each animal and think about why it might be important to protect it. We suggest you share ideas and findings as a whole group to help refine key messages and learning outcomes.

How to use

Click and print

Download and print the exhibition insights PDF before you visit the Museum. They can be used as they are or cut up and distributed amongst your group. The cards can be done in any order, and students can work individually or in small groups. No pens or pencils are needed.


Tap and swipe

Tap on an image below and use your mobile device to swipe through the pictures, prompts and map.

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