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The list below shows papers published in 2017 that cite specimens from the Australian Museum fish collection.

  1. Allen, G.R., et al., 2017. Descriptions of four new species of damselfishes (Pomacentridae) in the Pomacentrus philippinus complex from the tropical western Pacific Ocean Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 25: 47-76.
  2. Allen, G. & M. Hammer, 2017. Cirrhilabrus greeni, a new species of wrasse (Pisces: Labridae) from the Timor Sea, northern Australia Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 29: 55–65
  3. Batuwita, S. et al, 2017. A review of the genus Devario in Sri Lanka (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), with description of two new species. Fishtaxa 2 (3): 156-179.
  4. Conway, K. et al., 2017. Molecular systematics of the New World clingfish genus Gobiesox (Teleostei:.Gobiesocidae) and the origin of a freshwater clade. Mol Phylogenet Evol. Jul;112:138-147. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2017.04.024.
  5. Fricke, R., et al., 2017. New case of lateral asymmetry in fishes: A new subfamily, genus and species of deep water clingfishes from Papua New Guinea, western Pacific Ocean Comptes Rendus Biologies 340: 47-62.
  6. Hamilton, H., et al., 2017. Molecular phylogeny and patterns of diversification in syngnathid fishes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 107: 388–403.
  7. Johnson, J. W. & H. Motomura, 2017. Five new species of Parapercis (Perciformes: Pinguipedidae) from southeast Asia and northwest Australia. Zootaxa 4320 (1): 121–145.
  8. Nyegaard, M., Sawai, E., Gemmell, N., Gillum, J., Loneragan, N. R., Yamanoue, Y., & Stewart, A. L. (2017). Hiding in broad daylight: molecular and morphological data reveal a new ocean sunfish species (Tetraodontiformes: Molidae) that has eluded recognition. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.
  9. Matsunuma, Mizuki, & H. Motomura. 2017. Review of Indo-Pacific dwarf lionfishes (Scorpaenidae: Pteroinae) in the Dendrochirus brachypterus complex, with description of a new species from the western Indian Ocean. Ichthyological Research (DOI 10.1007/s10228-017-0583-6).
  10. Motomura, H., et al., 2017. Review of the Chromis xanthura species group (Perciformes: Pomacentridae), with description of a new species. Ichthyological Research DOI 10.1007/s10228-017-0601-8.
  11. Okamoto, M., 2016. Validity of Epigonus megalops (Perciformes: Epigonidae), Redescription of E. atherinoides, and First Record of E. draco from the Central South Pacific. Species Diversity 21: 177–186.
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  14. Takahashi, S. & T. Okazaki, 2017. Rhinogobius biwaensis, a new gobiid fish of the ‘‘yoshinobori’’ species complex, Rhinogobius spp., endemic to Lake Biwa, Japan Ichthyological Research. - Online DOI 10.1007/s10228-017-0577-4.
  15. Tea, Yi-Kai L. & A.C. Gill, 2017. Cirrhilabrus shutmani, a new species of fairy wrasse from the Babuyan Islands, Zootaxa 4341 (1): 77-88.
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  18. Underkoffler, K. et al, 2018. A taxonomic review of Lampris guttatus (Brünnich 1788) (Lampridiformes; Lampridae) with descriptions of three new species Zootaxa 4413 (3): 551-565.
  19. Walsh, F., Y.K. Tea & H. Tanaka. 2017. Cirrhilabrus efatensis, a new species of wrasse (Teleostei: Labridae) from Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 26: 68-79.
  20. Wilcox, Christie, et al., 2018. Phylogeography of Lionfishes (Pterois) Indicate Taxonomic Over Splitting and Hybrid Origin of the Invasive Pterois volitans Journal of Heredity 162-175.
  21. Yokota, L. & M. R. de Carvalho, 2017. Taxonomic and morphological revision of butterfly rays of the Gymnura micrura (Bloch & Schneider 1801) species complex, with the description of two new species (Myliobatiformes: Gymnuridae). Zootaxa 4332 (1): 001-074.
  22. Yoshida, T. & H. Motomura, 2017. A new cardinalfish, Verulux solmaculata (Perciformes: Apogonidae), from Papua New Guinea and Australia Ichthyological Research 64: 64-70.