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The following papers published in 2011 have used specimens from the Australian Museum fish collection.

  1. Arnold, R.J & T.W. Pietsch. 2011. A new species of frogfish of the genus Histiophryne (Teleostei: Lophiiformes: Antennariidae) from Queensland, Australia. Zootaxa. 2925: 63-68.
  2. Duffy, C. A., J. Seeto & T. Trnski, 2011. Review of records of Sawfishes (Chondrichthyes: Pristidae) from Fiji, with deletion of Pristis zijsron Bleeker, 1851 and Pristis sp. from the fauna. Zootaxa 3115: 65–67.
  3. Fraser, Tom H. & J.E. Randall, 2011. Two new species of Foa (Apogonidae) from the Pacific Plate, with redescriptions of Foa brachygramma and Foa fo. Zootaxa 2988: 1-27.
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  5. Gill, A.C & G.R. Allen. 2011.  Pseudochromis erdmanni, a new species of dottyback with medially placed palatine teeth from Indonesia. (Teleostei: Perciformes: Pseudochromidae). Zootaxa 2924: 57-62.
  6. Gill, A.C. & J.T., Williams. 2011. Description of two new species of Pseudochrominae from northern Palawan and Mindoro, Philippine Islands (Teleostei: Perciformes: Pseudochromidae). Zootaxa 3140: 49–59.
  7. Gill, A.C. & U. Zajonz. 2011. Pseudochromine and pseudoplesiopine dottyback fishes from the Socotra Archipelago, Indian Ocean, with descriptions of two new species of Pseudochromis Rüppell (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae) Zootaxa 3106: 1-23.
  8. Gomon, M.F. & C.D. Roberts. 2011. A second New Zealand species of the stargazer genus Kathetostoma (Trachinoidei: Uranoscopidae) Zootaxa (2776): 1-12.
  9. Greenfield, D.W. & S. Jewett. 2011. Eviota rubriceps, a new goby from the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, with comments on E. mikiae and E. raja (Teleostei: Gobiidae) Zootaxa 3134: 53–62.
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  14. Imamura, H. 2011. Onigocia sibogae, a replacement name for a distinct species of flathead fish, Platycephalus grandisquamis Weber, 1913 (Teleostei: Platycephalidae) Zootaxa 3066: 52-60.
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  21. Ng, H. H. & W. Rainboth, 2011. Tonlesapia amnica, a new species of dragonet (Teleostei: Callionymidae) from the Mekong delta Zootaxa. 3052: 62-68.
  22. Okamoto, M., 2011. A new species of deepwater cardinalfish, Epigonus mayeri, from the eastern Central Atlantic, and redescription of Epigonus heracleus Parin and Abramov 1986 (Perciformes: Epigonidae). Ichthyological Research 58: 101–108.
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  27. Uiblein, F. & P. Heemstra. 2011. Description of a new goatfish species, Upeneus randalli n. sp. (Mullidae), from the Persian Gulf, with remarks and identification keys for the genus Upeneus. Scientia Marina. 75 (3): 585-594.
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