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The list below shows papers published in 2016 that cite specimens from the Australian Museum fish collection.

  1. Allen, G. & M. Hammer, 2016. Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus, a new species of fairy wrasse (Pisces: Labridae) from the Timor Sea, northern Australia. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 22, 41–52.
  2. Bennett, M. et al., 2016. A historical and contemporary consideration of the diet of the reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/MF16046: 5.
  3. Coulson, P.G., et al. 2016. Biological characteristics of three co-occurring species of armorhead from different genera vary markedly from previous results for the Pentacerotidae J Fish Biol. doi:10.1111/jfb.13049: 25.
  4. Duffy, C.A., 2016. Misidentification of Carcharhinus galapagensis (Snodgrass & Heller, 1905) in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. Zootaxa 4132 (1): 10.
  5. Eagderi, S. et al., 2016. Functional Morphology of the Feeding Apparatus in Simenchelys parasitica. Copeia 104 (2): 421-439.
  6. Fraser, T.H. 2016. A new species of cardinalfish (Gymnapogon, Gymnapogonini, Apogonidae, Percomorpha) from the Philippines Zootaxa 4107 (3): 431-438.
  7. Fraser, T.H. & A.M. Prokofiev. 2016. A new genus and species of cardinalfish (Percomorpha, Apogonidae, Sphaeramiini) from the coastal waters of Vietnam: luminescent or not? Zootaxa 4144 (2): 16.
  8. Greenfield, D.W. & S.L. Jewett, 2016. Eviota melanosphena, a new dwarfgoby from Australia (Teleostei: Gobiidae) Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 21.
  9. Greenfield, D.W. & S.L. Jewett, 2016. Two new dwarf gobies from the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Eviota) Zootaxa 4121 (5): 10.
  10. Kimura, K. et al., 2016. Taxonomic review of the genus Leptobrama Steindachner 1878 (Perciformes: Leptobramidae), with the resurrection of Leptobrama pectoralis (Ramsay and Ogilby 1887). Ichthyological Research. DOI 10.1007/s10228-016-0511-1.
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  12. Matsuura, K., 2016. A new pufferfish, Arothron multilineatus (Actinopterygii: Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae), from the Indo-West Pacific Ichthyological Research DOI 10.1007/s10228-016-0517-8.
  13. Melo, M.R.S. 2016. A review of the genus Dysalotus (Percomorphacea: Chiasmodontidae), with the description of Dysalotus pouliulii sp. nov. J Fish Biol. doi:10.11.11/jfb.13194.
  14. Motomura, et al., 2016. Redescription of the Indo-Pacific scorpionfish Scorpaenodes guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1824) (Scorpaenidae), a senior synonym of seven nominal species Zootaxa 4067 (3): 345–360.
  15. Poulsen, J.Y. et al, 2016. Preservation Obscures Pelagic Deep-Sea Fish Diversity: Doubling the Number of Sole-Bearing Opisthoproctids and Resurrection of the Genus Monacoa. (Opisthoproctidae, Argentiniformes). DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0159762: 1-23.
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  17. Tea, Y.K., Senou, H. & B.D. Greene. 2016 Cirrhilabrus isosceles, a new species of wrasse (Teleostei: Labridae) from the Ryukyu Archipelago and the Philippines, with notes on the C. lunatus complex. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation. 21:18-37.
  18. Uiblein, F. et al., 2016. Just off the beach: intrageneric distinctiveness of the bandtail goatfish Upeneus taeniopterus (Mullidae) based on a comprehensive alphataxonomy and barcoding approach. Mar Biol Res DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2016.1190458: 21.
  19. Viana, S.T., et al. 2016. Taxonomy and morphology of species of the genus Squalus Linnaeus, 1758 from the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes: Squalidae) Zootaxa 4133 (1): 89.
  20. Viana, S.T. & de M.R. Carvalho. 2016. Redescription of Squalus acutipinnis Regan, 1908, a Valid Species of Spiny Dogfish from Southern Africa (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes: Squalidae) Copeia 104 (2): 15.
  21. Xia, Rong, et al., 2016. Multilocus resolution of Mugilidae phylogeny (Teleostei: Mugiliformes): Implications for the family’s taxonomy Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 96: 161-177.