Cultural Collections Centre opening 30 July 2019

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  • Position Title
    Manager, Pacific Collections
  • Branch
    Pasifika Collections & Engagement
    Museum Experience & Engagement

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Michael Mel completed a Ph.D. from Flinders University in South Australia focusing on Indigenous processes of teaching, learning and performing. His focused within the context of the Mogei of the Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. He has performed in and curated exhibitions in Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia, UK, US and Canada. His art performances and publications explore and articulate indigenous ways of seeing, experiencing and knowing, and in body adornment, performance and engagement. Conference keynotes in Papua New Guinea, Australia, Germany and Canada and participation have also provided avenues to engage and share with others. He was awarded a Prince Claus award from the Prince Claus Foundation in Netherlands for his work in cultural communities. Michael is currently the Manager of Pacific and International Collections at the Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia.

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