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  • Position Title
    Senior Fellow, Mineralogy & Petrology, Geosciences & Archaeology
  • Section
    Mineralogy and Petrology
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute

Joan worked with the Australian Museum 1972-1989, commencing as a Technical Officer, then the collection manager of Earth Sciences and finally joint divisional head of Earth Sciences for 6 months prior to relocating to Armidale with her family. Here, she worked as a high school teacher, a contract geologist and project manager for UNE. In 2007, she took up a position of geologist in the Geological Survey of NSW’s head office in Maitland until she retired in 2016.

Notable projects at the Australian Museum were her work as the technical advisor for The Planet of Minerals Gallery and the initiation of The Museum Mineral Sales to raise funds to purchase quality display specimens. She made several trips to the renowned International Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona, USA to keep abreast of new mineral finds, purchase specimens and arrange suppliers for the Museum Mineral Sales. In 1987, Joan was involved in obtaining sponsorship for the Albert Chapman collection. She renewed her acquaintance with the collection in 2019 when she returned to the Australian Museum for 3 months to pack the collection during the refurbishment of the galleries. Joan is now a volunteer and Senior Fellow in Mineralogy & Petrology.


  • B.AppsSci 1976
  • Gemmology Diploma 1981
  • Dip. Ed 1992


Senior Technical Officer, Collection Manager, Earth Sciences, Joint Divisional Head of Earth Sciences.


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