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This guide is a starting point for material relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages held in the Australian Museum. The Archives and Library collections contain published and unpublished material relating to First Nations peoples and their languages.

Where possible, resources have been annotated with relevant language/s.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this guide contains references to material which may be considered culturally sensitive.

Access Note: Please note not all material listed in this guide is available for public access. While vocabulary lists and correspondence are generally available for public access, descriptions of ceremonies, rites and customs are restricted. There may also be donor restrictions placed on some items.

Recommended Resources - Archives Collection

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Recommended Resources - Archives Collection
Author/Source Description Language EAD Unit ID
W. Bishop Australian Aboriginal Mythology (includes dictionary, listed alphabetically) bound manuscript, 1938. Not identified AMS230/240
Brungle Mission Exercise book containing fifty-two pen and ink drawings by Edward Collett depicting Aboriginal people hunting and dancing, plants, landscapes, animals and ceremonies at Brungle Station, Tumut, New South Wales, 1914. Few vocab words, Wiradjuri area. Wiradjuri AMS459/7
Richard Helms ‘Descriptive vocabulary of some words of the dialect spoken by the Mungui ‘, 1894 – handwritten manuscript including ‘Vocabulary of natives near Wallal (100 miles E of Condon’) – includes vocabularies for parts of the body and personal terms; astronomical and meterological terms; geographic terms; and other cultural terms including verbs, adjectives and phrases. Condon is near Port Hedland, Wallan Downs Station. Nyangumarta / Nyangumarda AMS583
Kate Khan Papunya/Yuendumu research file c1980s including language notes. Warlpiri AMS503/12
Kate Khan ‘Rosie Nangala Language’ tape (cassette tape n.d) – notes indicate ‘more of a personal language lesson’ Warlpiri AMS503/58
Kate Khan Yuendumu women’s visit to the Australian Museum October 1982 - cassette tapes of women made by Kate Khan in Walpiri language Warlpiri AMS503/76
Ray Knox Indigenous Australians Gallery – oral history interview – Ray Knox re Gamell area language (Koomeroi - probably Gomeroi) Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi AMS312/29
Colin James McMaster Manuscript Notes of Observations on Australian Aborigines with Vocabulary Collected from An Aborigine, Kurra-Gundai Joe (Tommy Pitt), Kamilaroi Tribe. A Letter from Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer is enclosed (189-). Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi AMS 636_1
Colin James McMaster Field book [Vocabulary of] Kamilaroi tribe collected at Wilga Station, Moree between 1890 and 1898. Unpublished notebook. Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi AMS636_2
David Mowaljari “Language map” Ngarinjin language , NW Australia c.1978-1998 Ngarinyin / Ungarinyin AMS234/49
Arthur William Mullen Manuscript, ‘Aboriginal Fisheries at Brewarrina, Darling River, NSW’, 1906. Few words only, Gomeroi language area. Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi AMS593
W.E Roth North Queensland Ethnographic Bulletin No.2 – ‘The Structure of the Koko-Yimidir Language’ April 1901 – original handwritten manuscript with annotations. Guugu Yimidhirr / Gugu Yimithirr / Kuku Yimidhirr AMS40/4
W.E Roth Folder containing Bulletin No.6 – ‘An Elementary Grammar of the Nggerikudi Language’ by Rev. N. Hey, 1903, revised and edited by W.E Roth, Brisbane, 1903 Nggerigudi / Yupngayth AMS40/8
W.E Roth Bound volume Roth collection manuscripts – ‘Letters and Descriptions of Customs in Native Languages by Aborigines’ compiled by W.E Roth, Australian Museum, 1908 Guugu Yimidhirr / Gugu Yimithirr / Kuku Yimidhirr AMS40/11
Walpiri Literature Production Centre Warlpiri language booklets produced by the Warlpiri Literature Production Centre, 1981-1988. Series of 7 children’s picture booklets. Warlpiri AMS127/7
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Notes on Aboriginal mythology, n.d Not identified AMS230/40
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Notes on Aboriginal Languages, A-Z arrangement of lists of words, c1944 Not identified AMS230/41
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Handwritten notes on field trips to Townsville (1932) and New Guinea (1933), contains sketches and language word lists Not identified AMS230/68
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Book “Aborigines of Australia, Language No 2” contains handwritten notes on Aboriginal languages. Columns list English words, Aboriginal language equivalent and phonetic pronunciation. Not identified AMS230/69
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Notebook, handwritten notes of Aboriginal words around the Upper Murray c1920s Not identified AMS230/71
Melbourne (Mel) Ward ‘Australian Aboriginal Dictionary A-Z’ – 8 handwritten small notebooks of Australian Aboriginal words and meanings, 1929 Not identified AMS230/72
Melbourne (Mel) Ward Small, black notebook labelled ‘C cont. & K L M’ containing part of an Aboriginal -English dictionary, handwritten, n.d Not identified AMS230/236

Recommended Resources - Library Collection

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Recommended Resources - Library Collection
Publication details Language
Yan-nhangu Atlas and Illustrated Dictionary of the Crocodile Islands by Laurie Baymarrwangga. [Laurie Baymarrwan̦a and Bentley James], 2014 Yannhangu
The Kalkatungu Language: A Brief Description by Barry J. Blake. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1969 Kalkatungu / Kalkadoon
Papers on the Languages of Australian Aboriginals, contributions by Barry J. Blake [and others]. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1971 Bardi, Kalkatungu / Kalkadoon, Kija / Gidja, Muruwari / Murrawarri, Ngarnji / Ngewin, Wubuy / Nunggubuyu, Wagiman / Wageman, Yalarnnga / Yalarrnga
Case Marking in Australian Languages by Barry J. Blake. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1977 Not identified
Australian Aboriginal Languages by Barry J. Blake. London: Angus & Robertson, 1981 Not identified
A Descriptive Vocabulary of the Native Language of W. Australia by J. (John) Brady. [Rome? Publisher unidentified], 1845 Noongar / Nyungar / Nyungah
The Mayi Languages of the Queensland Gulf Country by Gavan Breen. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1981 Mayi-Kulan, Mayi-Kutuna, Mayi-Thakurti / Mitakoodi, Mayi-Yapi, Ngawun, Wanamara
Language of the Aborigines of the Colony of Victoria: and Other Australian Districts: with Parallel Translations and Familiar Specimens in Dialogue, as a guide to Aboriginal Protectors, and Others Engaged in Ameliorating Their Condition by Daniel Bunce. Geelong: Thomas Brown, 1859 Gooreng Gooreng / Gureng Gureng / Gurang Gurang, Jaitmathang / Yadymadhang, Gundungerre / Yaithmathang
Language and Dialects Spoken by the Aborigines of Tasmania: Compiled from Official and Other Vocabularies by J.E.Calder. Hobart: Government Press, 1901 Palawa Karni
Narratives from the North-West of Western Australia in the Ngarluma and Jindjiparndi Languages narrated by R. Churnside ... [et al.]; compiled by C.G. von Brandenstein. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1970 Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi
A Grammar of Ngarinjin, Western Australia by H. H. J. Coate & Lynette Oates. Canberra: Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1970 Guwij, Munumburu, Ngarinyin / Ungarinyin, Wilawila, Wolyamidi
Australian Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings by H.M. Cooper. Adelaide: South Australian Museum, 1949 Not identified
Australian Aboriginal Words and Names by Robert Leycester Dawson. Sydney: W.C. Penfold & Co., 1922 Not identified
A Preliminary Analysis of Gogo-Yimidjir : A Study of the Structure of the Primary Dialect of the Aboriginal Language Spoken at the Hopevale Mission in North Queensland by Jan Daniel de Zwaan. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1969 Guugu Yimidhirr / Gugu Yimithirr / Kuku Yimidhirr
The Aboriginal Languages of South-West Australia: Speech Forms in Current Use and a Technical Description of Njunar by Wilfred H Douglas. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Languages, 1968 Bibbulman, Kalaamaya / Karlamay, Kaniyang, Minang, Ngatjumaya / Ngatjumay / Ngatju, Noongar / Nyungar / Nyungah, Wajarri / Watjarri, Widi, Wudjari
Australian Aboriginal Native Words and Their Meanings by Sydney J. Endacott. Melbourne: Robertson & Mullens, 1944 Not identified
Australian Aboriginal Words and Place Names and Their Meanings by Sydney J. Endacott, 10th edition. Melbourne: Acacia Press, 1973 Not identified
“The Woddowro Pronouns” by John Fraser. In The Wombat, January 1902 Awabakal, Wathawurrung / Wada wurrung / Wathaurong
“South Australian Aborigines: The Vocabulary of the Adelaide Tribe” by John Philip Gell. In the Tasmanian Journal of Natural Science, Agriculture, Statistics etc, 1841 Kaurna
Gidabal Grammar and Dictionary by Brian and Helen Geytenbeek. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1971 Bundjalung / Banjalang, Githabul
Ngaanyatjarra Texts by Amee Glass and Dorothy Hackett, revised edition. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1979 Nangadadjara / Nyanganyatjara, Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara
Pitjantjatjara Grammar: A Tagmemic View of Ngaanyatjara (Warburton Ranges) Dialect by Amee Glass & Dorothy Hackett. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1970 Pitjantjatjara, Ngaanyatjarra
Burarra to English Bilingual Dictionary by David and Kathleen Glasgow. Darwin: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1985 Burarra
A Vocabulary of the Dialects of South Western Australia by G. Grey. London: T & W Boone, 1840 Not identified
A Partial Vocabulary of the Ngalooma Aboriginal Tribe by Harold Aubrey Hall and C.G. von Brandenstein. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1971 Ngarluma
Wangkumara Alphabet Book by George Harrison ... [et al.] ; illustrated by Tom Stewart. Dubbo: Disadvantaged Country Area Programme, Western Readers Committee, 1981 Wangkumara
Ngandi Grammar, Texts and Dictionary by Jeffrey Heath. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1978 Ngandi
Nunggubuyu Dictionary by Jeffrey Heath. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1982 Wubuy, Nunggubuyu
Functional Grammar of Nunggubuyu by Jeffrey Heath. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1984 Wubuy, Nunggubuyu
Notes on the Bandjalang Dialect Spoken at Coraki and Bungawalbin Creek, N.S.W. by Nils, M Holmer. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1971 Bundjalung / Banjalang
On the History and Structure of the Australian Languages by Nils M. Holmer. Upsala, Sweden: Lundequistska, 1963 Dhanggatti / Daingatti / Dunghutti, Darkinyung / Darkinjung / Darkinoong, Yuwaalaraay / Euahlayi / Yuwaaliyaay, Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi, Gubbi Gubbi / Kabi Kabi / Gabi Gabi, Guugu Yimidhirr / Gugu Yimithirr / Kuku Yimidhirr, Gundungurra / Gundungura / Gandangara, Ngiyampaa / Wangaaybuwan / Wongaibon, Antekerrepenh / Antekerrepinhe / Andegerebenha. Antakirinya / Antikirinya / Antakarinja, Arabana / Arabunna, Arrernte / Aranda, Awabakal, Bangerang, Bardi, Parnkalla / Barngarla / Bungala, Barranbinya / Baranbinya, Biangil / Biyangil / Piangil, Bigambul, Birria / Biria / Pirriya, Birpai / Biripi, Biri / Birri Gubba. Bundjalung / Banjalang, Bungandidj / Buandig, Daungwurrung / Taungurong. Dharug / Daruk / Darug, Diyari /Dieri, Djabwurrung / Dyabwurung / Djab Wurrung, Jaru / Djaru, Jawi / Djawi, Jingulu / Djingili / Jingili, Djirringany / Dyirringany, Worimi / Gadang / Kattang, Garanya / Garanja, Garuwali / Karuwali, Geinyan, Gugu Yau, Gumbaynggir / Gumbainggirr, Kungkari / Gunggari, Guwar, Guwinmal, Yinjilanji / Indjilandji, Jagara / Yuggera, Kalkatungu / Kalkadoon, Karajarri, Kaurna, Kaytetye / Kaytej, Kija / Gidja, Kolakngat, Kukatja, Kurnai / Gunai, Kurnu / Gunu, Lardil, Luritja / Loritja, Minang, Minjungbal / Minyangbal, Mirning, Mudburra, Muruwari / Murrawarri, Nyanganyatjara / Nangadadjara, Ngarrindjeri / Narrinjeri, Ngambaa, Ngarinyin / Ungarinyin, Ngarinman / Ngarinyman, Ngiyampaa, Nguburindi / Nguburinji, Nimanburu, Nukunu / Nuguna, Nyaki Nyaki, Nyangumarta / Nyangumarda, Nyikina, Nyulnyul / Nyul Nyul, Oykangand, Pinjarup, Pitjantjatjara, Tagalaka, Dharawal / Tharawal / Dariwal, Unggumi, Waidjinga, Wajuk, Walangama, Walmajarri / Walmatjarri, Wandandian, Wangkumara / Wanggumara, Warndarrang / Warndarang, Warumungu, Wik Mungkan, Wiradjuri, Wirangu, Wiri, Worrorra, Wudjari, Yagalingu, Yawarawarka, Yawuru, Yilba, Ngarla, Yir Yoront, Yorta Yorta / Yota Yota, Yugambal, Yuin
An Attempt Towards a Comparative Grammar of Two Australian Languages by Nils M. Holmer. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1966-67 Dhanggatti / Daingatti / Dunghutti, Worimi / Gadang / Kattang
The Core of Walmatjari Grammar by Joyce Hudson. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1978 Walmajarri / Walmatjarri
The Aboriginal Word Book by Justine Kenyon, 2nd edition. Lothian: Melbourne, 1951 Not identified
New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Euphonious Words, with Their Meanings, compiled by Frederick D. McCarthy. Sydney: Australian Museum, 1950 Not identified
Pronunciation Guide to the Adnamatana Language by J. C. McEntee. [Erudina: South Australia]: published by the author, 1976 Adnyamathanha
Vocabulary of Dialects of Aboriginal Tribes in Tasmania by Joseph Milligan. Tasmania: James Barnard, Government Printer, 1857 Palawa Karni
A Descriptive Vocabulary of the Language in Common Use Amongst the Aborigines of Western Australia: With Copious Meanings, Embodying Much Interesting Information Regarding the Habits, Manners, and Customs of the Natives, and the Natural Hof the Country by George Fletcher Moore. London: Wm. S. Orr & Co, 1842 Noongar/Nyungyar
Aboriginal Songs [and] a Few Words of Their Language and Mis-Spelt Names of Places by S.M Mowle. Pamphlet, “Parliament House, Sydney, 19th March, 1891” Not identified
Gugu-Yalanji and Wik-Munkan Language Studies by William and Lynette Oates ... [et al.] Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1964 Kuku Yalanji / Gugu Yalandji, Wik Mungkan
The Tiwi Language: Grammar, Myths and Dictionary of the Tiwi Language spoken on Melville and Bathurst Islands, Northern Australia by C. R. Osborne. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1974 Tiwi
An Outline Grammar of the Gugada Dialect, South Australia by John T. Platt. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1972 Antakirinya / Antikirinya / Antakarinja, Kokatha, Pitjantjatjara, Wirangu
Dictionary of the Wailbri (Walpiri) Language of Central Australia by Laurie Reece. Sydney: University of Sydney, 1975-1979 Warlpiri
Kámilarói and Other Australian Languages, by Rev. William Ridley, 2nd edition. Sydney: Thomas Richards Govt. Printer, 1875 Djadja wurrung / Dyadyawurung / Dja Dja Wrung, Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi, Gubbi Gubbi, Gooreng Gooreng, Baraba Baraba, Bigambul, Daungwurrung / Taungurong, Dharamba, Gawambaray, Kogai / Gogai, Gumbaynggir / Gumbainggirr, Gunybaray, Jagara / Yuggera, Muruwari / Murrawarri, Ngiyampaa / Wangaaybuwan / Wongaibon, Dharawal / Tharawal / Dariwal, Wathawurrung / Wada wurrung / Wathaurong, Wadi Wadi / Wudi Wudi, Wandandian, Wailwan / Weilwan, Wiradjuri
“The Structure of the Koko-Yimidir Language” by Walter E. Roth. In North Queensland Ethnography: Bulletin, No.2, 1901 Guugu Yimidhirr / Gugu Yimithirr / Kuku Yimidhirr
“An Elementary Grammar of the Nggerikudi Language”, revised and edited by W. E. Roth. North Queensland Ethnography: Bulletin, No. 6, 1903 Yuputhimri
The Loss of Australia’s Language Heritage by Annette Schmidt. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1990 Not identified
Alawa Phonology and Grammar by Margaret C. Sharpe. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1972 Alawa
A Vocabulary of the Parnkalla Language: Spoken by the Natives Inhabiting the Western Shores of Spencer's Gulf by C.W Shürmann. Adelaide: George Dehane, 1844 Parnkalla / Barngarla / Bungala
The Aborigines of Victoria: With Notes Relating to the Habits of the Natives of Other Parts of Australia and Tasmania Compiled from Various Sources for the Government of Victoria by R. Brough Smyth. Melbourne: John Ferres, Government Printer,1878 Brabralung, Djadja wurrung / Dyadyawurung / Dja Dja Wrung
Kunjen Syntax: A Generative View by Bruce A. Sommer. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1972 Kunjen / Ogh-Undyan, Uw Olkola / Olgolo, Uw Oykangand
Anthropology and the Study of Languages: Presidential Address by T.G.H Strehlow. Adelaide: Hassell Press, 1947 Arrernte / Aranda
Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings compiled by Joan H. Sugden. Sydney: Dymock's Book Arcade, [1950-1955] Not identified
Outlines of a Grammar, Vocabulary and Phraseology of the Aboriginal Language of South Australia Spoken by the Natives in and for Some Distance Around Adelaide by C.G Teichelmann and C,W Schurmann. Adelaide: published by the authors, 1840 Kaurna
“Australian Tribal Names (With Their Synonyms), Compiled from Ethnological works in the Aust. Mus. Library” by W. W. Thorpe. In Records of the Australian Museum, vol. 8, 1913 Not identified
List of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Their Meanings compiled by W.W Thorpe, 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions. Sydney: Government Printer, 1927 (1st ed.), 1934 (2nd ed.) , 1942 (3rd ed.) Not identified
A Key to the Structure of the Aboriginal Language: Being an Analysis of the Particles Used as Affixes, to Form the Various Modifications of the Verbs: Shewing the Essential Powers, Abstract Roots, and Other Peculiarities of the Language Spoken by the Aborigines in the Vicinity of Hunter River, Lake Macquarie, etc., New South Wales: Together with Comparisons of Polynesian and Pther Dialects by L.E. Threlkeld. Sydney: Printed by Kemp and Fairfax, 1850 Awabakal
An Australian Language as Spoken by the Awabakal, the People of Awaba or Lake Macquarie (Near Newcastle, New South Wales) Being an Account of Their Language, Traditions and Customs by L.E. Threlkeld; re-arranged, condensed and edited with an appendix by John Fraser. Sydney: Charles Potter, Govt. Printer, 1892 Awabakal, Minjungbal / Minyangbal, Ngarrindjeri, Wiradjuri, Yugambeh
The Sydney Language by Jakelin Troy, 1st and 2nd editions. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, 1994 (1st ed.), 2019 (2nd ed.) Dharug / Darug, Eora
A Handbook of Aboriginal Languages of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory by Jim Wafer & Amanda Lissarrague. Nambucca Heads, NSW: Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative, 2008. Wemba Wemba / Wamba Wamba, Yorta Yorta / Yota Yota, Ngunawal / Ngunnawal, Wadi Wadi / Wathi Wathi, Baraba Baraba, Marawara / Marrawarra, Yitha Yitha / Yida Yida, Madhi Madhi / Madi Madi, Nari Nari, Wiradjuri, Bolali, Parrintyi, Danggali, Gunybaray, Wilyagali, Bandjigali / Bandjagali, Paakantyi / Paakantji / Barkindji, Ngiyampaa / Wangaaybuwan / Wongaibon, Nawalgu, Wailwan / Weilwan, Wandjiwalgu, Gamilaraay / Gamilaroi / Kamilaroi, Anaiwan / Nganyaywana, Kurnu / Gunu, Barranbinya / Baranbinya, Yuwaalaraay / Euahlayi / Yuwaaliyaay, Wiriyaraay, Gambuwal, Galali / Kullilli, Bidawal / Bidwell, Djirringany / Dyirringany, Thaua / Dhawa, Dhurga, Walbanga, Wandandian, Dharamba, Dharawal / Tharawal / Dariwal, Gundungurra / Gundungura / Gandangara, Eora / Iora, Ku-ring-gai / Gameraigal, Wonnarua / Wanaruah, Dharug / Daruk / Darug, Darkinyung, Awabakal, Yuin, Gunai / Kurnai, Ngarrindjeri / Narrinjeri, Buibadjali, Wadigali, Malyangapa, Garanggaba, Yu Yu, Ngintait, Yirawirung, Ngayawung, Kureinji, Dadi Dadi, Biangil / Biyangil / Piangil, Ladji Ladji / Latje Latje, Yabula Yabula, Kwat Kwat, Dhuduroa / Dhudhuruwa, Bangerang, Ngarigo / Ngarigu, Walgalu, Jaitmathang / Yadymadhang, Geawegal, Birpai / Biripi, Worimi / Gadang / Kattang, Dhanggatti / Daingatti / Dunghutti, Ngaku, Ngambaa, Yardliyawara, Wangkumara, Bundhamara, Mamwura / Mambangura, Yugambal, Arakwal, Yugambeh / Yugumbir, Minjungbal / Minyangbal, Widjabal / Wiyabal, Githabul, Galibal, Gumbaynggir / Gumbainggirr, Baanbay, Yaygir / Yaegl
Australian Native Words and their Meanings, collected and edited by Rev. Edwin I. Watkin. Melbourne: Sydney J. Endacott, 1914 Not identified
A Vocabulary of the Language of the Aborigines of the Adelaide District, and Other Friendly Tribes, of the Province of South Australia by William Williams. South Australia: Published for the author by A. Macdougall, 1839 Kaurna
The Aborigines of Central Australia, With a Vocabulary of the Dialect of the Alice Springs Natives by W.H Willshire. Printed Port Augusta, 1888 Not identified
The Aborigines of Central Australia: With Vocabularies of the Dialects Spoken by the Natives of Lake Amadeus and of the Western Territory of Central Australia by W. H Willshire. Adelaide: C.E. Bristow, Government Printer, 1891 Not identified
Walpiri Hand Talk: An Illustrated Dictionary of Hand Signs used by the Walpiri people of Central Australia prepared by Cheryl D. Wright. Darwin: Northern Territory Department of Education, 1980. Warlpiri
Alyawarra : An Aboriginal Language of Central Australia by Colin Yallop. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1977. Alyawarr / Alyawarre
Yolnu-Matha Dictionary by R.David Zorc. Batchelor, NT: Batchelor College, 1996. Guyula Djambarrpuyngu / Golamala, Djambarrpuyngu, Djapu, Djarrwark, Djinba / Dyinba, Galpu, Ganalbingu, Golpa / Gorlba, Gumatj, Liyagalawumirr / Layagalawumirr, Manggalili, Marrakulu, Manyarring, Rirratjingu, Ritharrngu, Wagilak / Wawilak, Wangurri, Warramirri / Warramiri, Yolngu Matha
A Basic Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara to English Dictionary. Alice Springs: Institute for Aboriginal Development, 1987 Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara