Insects are invertebrates or animals without backbones. There are over one million different species of insects in the world. They live in almost all types of habitats in the world, including a few very extreme places.

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Image: James King
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They live in almost all types of habitats in the world, including a few very extreme places. About 100,000 species have been described in Australia and many more are waiting to be named or discovered. Cicadas, moths and butterflies, wasps, ants, bees, sucking bugs, beetles, aphids, scale insects, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, mantids and grasshoppers are all insects. Examples of many of these are shown in this box.

Box Contents:

  • Ant model
  • Light panel
  • Insect x-rays
  • Embedded insect specimens
  • Collecting equipment
  • Butterfly/dip net
  • Sorting trays
  • Hand lens
  • Forceps
  • Collecting mat
  • Tape measure
  • Identification chart
  • Posters
  • Fact sheets
  • Information panels

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