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Autumn weather supports a variety of wildlife for observation in our backyards and other natural habitats.

Here are some of the most common enquiries we recieve for animal identification and explanations of animal behaviour.

Solider Fly

The female of this species of soldier fly, Boreoides subulatus, is wingless.This fly is often referred to as a "walk", due to its lack of wings. The adult males do have wings but they are much smaller than the females.

They start their lives in compost and soil, emerging as adults when autumn rains come. At that time they climb tree-trunks, walls and fences, where they are found by the winged males.

The most common time of year for sightings of this fly is Autumn.

Wingless soldier fly
Female wingless soldier fly, Boreoides subulatus. Image: Maggie Crowley
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