Meet our scientists

Our AMRI scientists are working in a range of different ways and on a variety of projects during this period of isolation. Meet our scientists and hear about how they are adapting and forging ahead in scientific discovery from around the country.

Dr Amy Way - Archaeologist

Dr Laetitia Gunton - Chadwick Biodiversity Fellow

Irene Finkelde & Melissa Holt - Collection Care & Conservation

Danielle Northey - DigiVol

Science disrupted...but not halted

For over 190 years, the Australian Museum has been at the forefront of Australian scientific research, collection and education. The Australian Museum, as Australia’s first public museum, was established in Sydney in 1827 with the aim of procuring "many rare and curious specimens of Natural History."

Situated in the heart of Sydney, the Australian Museum has stood witness to turbulent and challenging times in history, including the Bubonic plague, Spanish flu and two World Wars. Science may have been disrupted during these times, but not halted.

Please find below some snippets from our Australian Museum Annual Reports and the Australian Museum Magazine.

Latest news from Lizard Island Research Station

Lizard Island Research Station (LIRS) is a world-leading supplier of on-reef facilities for coral reef research and education. LIRS was established in 1973 and it currently hosts about 100 research projects each year conducted by more than 300 people. More than 100 scientific publications are produced each year from research at LIRS.

Although scientists are not visiting LIRS at this time, great resources and research from LIRS is still being produced.

Go to for the latest news and more information on how to donate and support scientific research at Lizard Island:

Latest news from AMRI

Become a citizen scientist

The Australian Museum's Citizen Science programs provide a very important source of data about biodiversity. Data and insights gained through the efforts of citizen scientists enable us to learn more about our environments by creating additional data sources.

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