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Staff who served in WWI

Roy Kinghorn, Zoologist’s Assistant (later Curator of Ornithology). Seconded to the research vessel ‘Endeavour’ in 1914 (the ‘Endeavour’ later sank but Kinghorn was not aboard). He enlisted in July 1916 and served in England and France before returning to Sydney in June 1918. He required medical treatment before resuming work at the Museum in August 1918.
Rex Bretnall, Scientific Assistant. He enlisted in December 1915, served in 25th Signal Company, and returned to the Museum on his discharge from the army in January 1918.
Ellis Troughton, Junior Zoologist (later Curator of Mammals). He enlisted in July 1916, served in 4th Field Ambulance in France and returned to Sydney in July 1919.
Joseph Kingsley, Assistant to the Articulator. He enlisted in July 1915, served in the 33rd Infantry in Belgium and France and returned to the Museum in 1919.
Alexander Mackay, Night Watchman. He enlisted in 1916 and served abroad before returning to the Museum in June 1919.
D.B.Fry, Junior Scientific Assistant (resigned from the Museum in 1913, enlisted in 1915). Killed in action in France in 1917.
Five Trustees were also on active service.

Staff who served in WWII

Scientific staff:

Harold Fletcher. Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Dec 1941 - 6/8/1943
Roy Kinghorn. Government Liaison Officer, State Recruiting Centre for 6 mths, for a short time served on a committee of the National Emergency Services
Gilbert Whitley. Fisheries Division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 1942 - 2/1/1946
Oliver Chalmers. Commonwealth Scientific Liaison Bureau, 4/3/1943 - 16/8/1945
Joyce Allan. National Emergency Service, Jan 1942 - 1/3/1944
E Le G Troughton. On loan to Commonwealth Scientific Liaison Bureau for 3 months re rat problems for the US Typhus Commission in New Guinea

Non scientific staff:

L C Newton. Jnr Attendant. Called up 10 Feb 1943, resumed duty on or after Dec 1946
R K Morris. RAAF 1942 - discharged Dec 1942
F H West. AIF 1942 -
W A Medway. Garrison Reserve Artillery, Dec 1941- 1946
T Glazebrook. Night Attendant - AIF, 1941 - 14/3/1945
J Lewis. Attendant - AIF, 1941 -
R Gaven. AIF, end of 1941 -
J R McIver. AMF 1942, transferred to AIF
H D Hughes. RAAF, May 1944 - April 1946