Key Info

Ailie is a Master of Research candidate at Macquarie University and the Australian Museum, working with Prof. Glenn Brock and Dr. Matthew McCurry. Her thesis project focuses on functional morphology in ancient aquatic-feeding vertebrates, where her passion lies with plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs and mosasaurs.

She is currently working as a volunteer in the Palaeontology Collection, assisting the registration of fossil specimens, and intends to begin a PhD in reptile palaeobiology in the near future.


Master of Research (Palaeobiology) - 2021

Bachelor of Science (Palaeobiology), Macquarie University – 2019

Grants, awards and scholarships

Macquarie University MRes Year 1 Biology Prize – 2021

Ralph Faulkner Prize for Evolutionary Palaeontology – 2018