Explore the Unsettled exhibition

Delve into our First Nations led exhibition Unsettled and experience a 360 degree interactive virtual tour featuring embedded audio guides and multimedia content. In this powerful exhibition, First Nations voices reveal the hidden stories of devastation, survival and the fight for recognition. Unsettled illuminates the power of truth-telling to realise change and how to step towards healing for a shared future.

Explore the Spark exhibition

Explore the virtual tour of Spark to learn about inventions and innovative approaches offering positive solutions to the climate crisis. From First Nations innovators to the inventors of Wi-Fi, Australian thinkers have led the way. And now, they're taking on one of our greatest challenges: climate change.

See some of the technology and practices Australians are working on to reduce pollution, create affordable and clean energy, support the richness of plant and animal life, and ensure a livable future for all.

Explore 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum

In this virtual tour, explore the magnificently restored Westpac Long Gallery showcasing 100 treasures of the Australian Museum alongside the stories of 100 of Australia’s most-influential people.

Discover precious objects that tell fascinating stories about the Australian Museum and the wonders of the natural world. Along with these unique objects, learn about the stories of 100 extraordinary Australian treasures who have shaped Australia and made it the country it is today.

Google Cultural Institute at the Australian Museum

Explore all the Australian Museum Galleries, go behind the scenes or discover our specimens and collection stores in Google virtual tours.

Tour the Australian Museum on Google Arts and Culture here.

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