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In the summer of 2020, the world’s most feared dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex, came crashing out of the Cretaceous and into Sydney's newest blockbuster exhibition space at the Australian Museum. And the 13-metre-long, saw-toothed predator didn't come alone – the whole Tyrannosaur clan was roaring to meet you!

With a colossal collection of tyrannosaur skeletons, skulls, fossil eggs and even coprolites (ahem... fossilised dinosaur dung – the key to understanding dinosaurs’ diets) on display, there is so much for the whole family to discover. Come face-to-face with a life-sized T. rex, run for your life in a virtual experience, you can even hatch a dino egg in this interactive dinosaur exhibition.


Meet a real fossil of Dilong, a creature that would have scurried at the feet of other giant predators. Its spectacularly-preserved skeletons were found covered in coats of feathers, and are primary evidence that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs.


Stocky and powerful, Daspletosaurus was the king predator of its time, ten million years older and a bit smaller than T. rex. Up to nine metres long, Daspletosaurus was a formidable beast with heavy bones, a muscular tail and mean-looking crests above its eye.


And approach, if you dare, the infamous T. rex, whose name literally means “king of the tyrant lizards”.

Behind the stories of the ancient carnivores is astonishing science. Discover the cutting-edge technology being used by today’s palaeontologists, how Earth has changed over time, what evolution is and why sudden environmental devastation can cause even the most dominant species to go extinct.

As well as touch screens, immersive projections, animation and AI, Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family is a dinosaurs exhibition that will enthral aspiring palaeontologists of all ages.

Please note that this exhibition is a high sensory space with busy areas, a mix of multimedia, loud noises and/or low lighting.

Feel free to contact us prior to booking if you have any accessibility requirements and would like to make sure this Exhibition experience is right for you.

We also recommend that you check our Museum map for low, medium and high sensory areas across our galleries.

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Download and play the free Tyrannosaurs game


Massive skulls, powerful jaws, two heavy-duty legs and two small arms. And don’t forget the large, bone-crunching teeth. Most of us picture all tyrannosaurs like the iconic T. rex. But is this true? Find out in our interactive game.

Hunt for clues and reveal the secrets behind these formidable dinosaurs, hatch your dinosaur eggs and collect them all!

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