What do you treasure? An object, a person, a memory? Come to the Westpac Long Gallery where you can see 100 of the most-valued objects from the Australian Museum’s collections. Some are very old; some are very rare. Some are beautiful; others mysterious. All tell fascinating and unexpected stories – about the Museum, about Australia and its region, or about the wonders of the natural world.

Along with these unique objects you can discover the stories of 100 extraordinary people who have shaped Australia and made it the country it is today. Scientists, explorers, and pioneers; entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists; politicians, an outlaw and a saint. Their immeasurable influence on the nation makes them true Australian treasures.

During your visit, enjoy our free Audio Guide of exhibition highlights, and for visitors with low vision we also offer an Audio Description Tour.

What extraordinary stories will you discover at the Australian Museum?

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Delve into the 200 Treasures Audio Guide and enrich your understanding of the magnificently restored Westpac Long Gallery showcasing 200 treasures of the Australian Museum.

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Exhibition highlights

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100 People who shaped the Nation

Discover 100 people and how they are connected in an interactive wall, revealing the themes of Spirited, Innovators, Revolutionaries, Resilient, Curious and the Underdogs. Among them are athletes, politicians, writers and performers, doctors and explorers, entrepreneurs, media moguls, aviators, agriculturalists, activists, artists and aviators.

Egyptian sarcophagus

Theban mummified human remains and coffin

Archaeologists excavated Egyptian mummified human remains from a tomb in Thebes (modern-day Luxor). A computed tomography (CT) scan has recently revealed the mummified human remains hold the body of a woman mummified 2,200 years ago.

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Captain Cook's Hawaiian ‘Ahu‘ula

This kipuka or feathered cape was given to Captain Cook on his third – and fatal – Pacific voyage by Ali’i (chief) Kalani’opu’u, as an official welcome to Hawaii in December 1778 or January 1779.

Opalised Pliosaur Umoonasaurus demoscyllus - Eric the Pliosaur

Eric the opalised pliosaur

Eric the pliosaur lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (about 200–66 million years ago). Eric’s bones – as well as the tiny fossilised bones of fish inside his stomach – opalised as he was preserved in the sandstone.

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200 Treasures of the Australian Museum in the Westpac Long Gallery has been made possible through the generous support of organisations and many individuals. The Australian Museum would especially like to thank:


  • Alasdair and Prue MacLeod
  • Albert Y Wong AM and Sophie Wong
  • Belinda Gibson and Jim Murphy
  • Ben Barham and Gretel Packer
  • Billie Rose and Warwick Evans
  • Carrawa Foundation
  • Catherine Livingstone AO and Michael Satterthwaite
  • Chris and Belinda Knierim
  • Chris and Gina Grubb
  • Claude and Maryanne Gauchat
  • David and Megan Armstrong
  • Diccon and Elizabeth Loxton
  • Dr Charles and Mrs Beverly Barnes
  • Dr Janice Hirshorn and Dr George Jacobs
  • Fengjun Zhu
  • Francesca Packer Barham and Gretel Packer
  • Jacqui and John Mullen
  • Jennifer Crivelli
  • Jim Lennon in honour of Jean Lennon
  • Keith and Maureen Kerridge
  • Lindblad Expeditions
  • Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd
  • Penelope Seidler AM
  • Peter and Judy Gregg
  • Professor Jan Scott and her friends Jack, Sissi, Coquohalla and Otis
  • Purcell Family Endowment Fund in honour of Mrs Lorna McClelland
  • Robert Albert AO
  • Robert Purves AM
  • Sage Amélie and Warwick Evans
  • Sienna Belle and Warwick Evans
  • The Calvert-Jones Foundation
  • The Hartzer/Trevor-Jones Family
  • The John and Frances Ingham Foundation
  • The John Spencer Dickinson Family
  • The Macquarie Group Foundation
  • The Moore Family
  • The Nelson Family
  • The Paradice Family Foundation
  • The Patterson Pearce Foundation
  • Virginia Judge and daughters Cecily, Theresa, Rebecca & Dr Patrick Tooth
  • Warwick and Ann Johnson
  • Warwick Evans
  • William Murray and Gretel Packer


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