Scientist for a Day Archaeologist
Scientist for a Day, First Nations Archaeologist workshop. Image: Cordelia Hough
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Ages: 8-12 years

Archaeology is the study of things that people in the past made, used and left behind. It’s an archaeologist's job to use those objects to piece together what those people were like and how they lived. Amazingly, Australia is home to the oldest living cultures in the world, so there’s much to unearth!

In this full-day workshop combining cultural and scientific knowledges, First Nations staff will share evidence of how Aboriginal people lived, used resources and adapted to environmental change and how this knowledge could help us make a better tomorrow. Together you will investigate ancient objects and archaeological sites to discover that these clues are not just relics of the past but a link from the past to the present.


  • A rare behind-the-scenes tour of the conservation lab of the Australian Museum Research Institute
  • Hands-on archaeological research experiments such as testing for starch on grindstones in our collection, proving that Aboriginal people have been using grindstones to make flour for cooking for over 30,000 years
  • A guided tour of the First Nations Galleries
  • Activities, games and more!

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