In line with NSW Health advice, the AM remains temporarily closed to the public. Follow us on social media to receive the latest updates regarding reopening. We look forward to seeing you online and hopefully onsite again soon.

In the meantime, we encourage visitors to explore our online content hub, AM Inside Out, which offers fun activities for kids at home, fascinating stories and other ways to engage online with the AM’s collections, scientists and other programs.

Prehistoric Playground
Prehistoric Playground Image: James Horan
© Australian Museum

Budding palaeontologists will jump back to the Age of Dinosaurs in this creative play space for kids of all ages.

Drop in any time between 10am and 4.30pm and prepare to get hands-on as you investigate what fossils can tell us about our world, why birds are modern-day dinosaurs and how different dinosaurs evolved such extraordinary characteristics!

Join us any day for the following programs:

Fossil Lab

Father and son in Prehistoric Playground
Father and son in Prehistoric Playground Image: James Horan
© Australian Museum

Get the dirt on dinosaurs as you explore real fossils! Watch staff excavate a 75-million-year-old Centrosaurus and help clean these ancient fossil bones using palaeontologists' tools. Using microscopes, zoom in and discover what plants and animals once inhabited a Jurassic swamp only a few hours from Sydney.

Paperassic Park

Kids in prehistoric playground
Kids in prehistoric playground Image: James Horan
© Australian Museum

Design your own dinosaur! Could it have had stripes like a tiger, bright colours like a parrot, or be camouflaged like a chameleon? Use our machine to scan your illustration into the wall projection and see it transform into a living creature in the prehistoric jungle.

Take Flight

Kids in Prehistoric Playground
Kids in Prehistoric Playground Image: James Horan
© Photographer

Did you know birds are feathered dinosaurs? Investigate how feathers and wings have evolved for flight by making aerodynamic objects inspired by nature. Make a paper plane, pterodactyl or helicopter out of a paper cup and explore how we could use the power of air to help our planet.

The Australian Museum is COVID Safe

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