Wildlife Photography Workshop Beginners & Enthusiasts (AGNPY) 2021-2022

Learn the basics of ethical wildlife photography and how to get the most out of your digital camera in this interactive workshop for beginners.

Image: James Alcock
© Australian Museum

Recommended age: 16+ years

Bring nature into focus in this in-depth workshop, led by award-winning nature photographer Angela Robertson-Buchanan. Be awed by the 2023 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year, a South Australian Museum exhibition, then take that inspiration to the Australian Museum's pop-up photography studio in this three hour beginner's workshop.

Unlock the potential of your digital SLR camera and learn simple, but creative shooting techniques by experiementing with your equipment's modes, aperture, ISO and shutter speed. You will have the opportunity to test your new skills on objects from the Australian Museum's taxidermy collection and also a hand-reared live animal in carefully controlled conditions.

Workshops are overseen by a licensed animal education specialist, Australian Wildlife Displays. No wild native animals will be used. The comfort of the animals is prioritised at all times, and lighting, noise and temperature controls are in place.

Limited capacity of 15 people per workshop to allow for individual attention and feedback.

Please bring your own DSLR camera and memory card on the day.

Looking for the Intermediate Workshop? See here.


Yes. In order to participate, you must bring your own Digital SLR camera.

Please ensure you have sufficient space on your memory card as well as fully charged batteries.

The Beginner workshop is as the name suggests, for beginners. Those who have a DSLR camera, but are keen to step away from the Auto function and exercise more control over the shots they want to take.

The Intermediate workshop is for people who are familiar with the functionality of their camera and the basic principals of photography and are keen to extend their knowledge.

Whilst both workshops explore the varying complexities of Digital Wildlife Photography, the exercises and tasks are quite similar. We don’t recommend booking in for one immediately after the other. The aim is to take the knowledge gained from the workshop and practice it in the field.

Feel free to bring one or more - we have macro subjects, as well as some creatures who would benefit from zoom or portraiture lenses.

A tripod is not necessary for this workshop.

As there are a number of different camera brands and types, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with your camera’s menu before arriving at the workshop. For Beginners, you don't need to know what the various settings do, just how to navigate there.

Facilitator: Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Nature photographer Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Angela Robertson-Buchanan is an award-winning nature photographer, published children’s author and passionate wildlife advocate.

Image: Angela Robertson-Buchanan
© Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Angela Robertson-Buchanan is an award-winning nature photographer, published children’s author and passionate wildlife advocate. She is best known for her up-close macro portraits and progression series, featuring birds that have rescue stories or are an ambassador for their species.

Combining her interests in wildlife preservation and photography, Angela works on projects and exhibitions where she can convey a conservation message and supports wildlife organisations by donating prints or a percentage of her sales.

Angela is passionate about teaching the ethics of wildlife photography and shares her knowledge of using available light over flash and in-studio continuous lighting.

Angela has been a finalist in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year five times, including having 2 images shortlisted for the 2023 Awards.