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Conditions of Consent

B5 Compliance Reporting

B8 Complaints and Enquiries Procedure

The Australian Museum website has been updated to include a Project Discover information page, which is publicly accessible.

This page includes information about:

  • a toll-free 24-hour telephone number (1300 DISCOVER) has been established for the public to register complaints and enquiries
  • the AM postal address for written complaints and enquiries:
    1 William St, Sydney NSW 2010
  • the AM email address to which electronic complaints and enquires may be directed

B9 Access to Information

The Project Discover information page on the Australian Museum website includes a link to direct the public to the information listed in Condition B9. The drawings listed in Condition A2 have been uploaded to this link, as has a copy of SSD 9452 and the documents prepared in response to conditions B3, B5, B32 and B47.

B32 Backup Emergency Generator

Refer to the Diesel Generator Report

B41-B45 Heritage

Mr Peter Phillips of Orwell & Peter Phillips has been engaged to provide the consulting services required under Conditions B41, B42, B43 and B47.

B44 Photographic Archival Recording

Mr Chris Bennett of Evolving Picture has been engaged to provide the Photographic Archival Recording and this work is scheduled to commence on 8 August 2019 and proceed throughout the construction phase as required.

Remaining strategies, plans, programs and approvals required under the consent conditions will be progressively uploaded to the AM website as they become available for public access, as required under Condition B9.