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Cosmetic surgery has been practised for thousands of years. Some early records dating from around 2600 years ago refer to the work of Sushruta, an Indian surgeon who specialised in rebuilding the noses of criminals' who had had them amputated as punishment. The Romans also engaged in plastic surgery. They removed unwanted tattoos on criminals or newly freed slaves. celsus, writing in the first century, described two procedures to replace foreskins removed by circumcision.

Through Cosmetic surgery, it is currently possible to replace or reshape every exterior part of the body from the ears to the buttocks.

It's the most terrific thing I have ever done and I'm sorry for every day I wasted wishing I looked better. I can now get dressed properly. It's done wonders for my self-confidence. Maggie, Decor Consultant, 55

Having a face lift was the best thing I have ever done - it has made me feel young again. Kathy, 51