Save the date for the next Sydney Science Trail: Monday 12 – Friday 16 August, 2024

Join us next year for an adventure filled with family-friendly science programs, presented in collaboration with the Botanic Gardens of Sydney.

The annual program by the Australian Museum, Botanic Gardens of Sydney and other partners is an opportunity for curious kids of all ages and schools to think, talk and experience the science conducted at our organisations – from the study of the natural world and research into the effects of climate change to the exploration of the environmental knowledges of First Nations peoples.

Watch videos from the Talking Science panel discussions

Recorded during National Science Week 2023, Talking Science brings together leading scientific researchers to talk about everything from climate change solutions to environmental DNA.

Age: Secondary Schools
Time: 45 mins
Format: Video

From investigating archaeological artefacts in Papua New Guinea, exploring reefs in the Seychelles, or discovering new plant species in remote parts of the Kimberley, science can take you everywhere. Learn more about the world of scientific expeditions with a panel of passionate researchers from fields including archaeology, marine biology and botany, as they talk about their fascinating research and the places it has taken them.

Speakers include Dr Judith Field, First Nations Archaeology Collections Officer at the Australian Museum; Dr Emma Camp, Future Reefs Team Leader, Climate Change Cluster at the University of Technology Sydney and Peter Jobson, Information Botanist at the Australian Institute of Botanical Science.

Have you heard about ‘environmental’ DNA, the traces of genetic blueprints left in water, sediments and even air, that could help scientists uncover the secrets of the past? Science is full of new and creative ideas, and scientists are learning to harness technology in ways previously unimaginable. Join this panel of inspiring STEM researchers as they reveal their innovative research, passions and careers.

Speakers include Dr Yi-Kai Tea, Chadwick Biodiversity Research Fellow, Ichthyology at the Australian Museum; Amber Whitebone, PhD Candidate, Palaeoscience Research Centre at the University of New England; and Dr Georgina Meakin, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Technology Sydney.

From documenting tree hollows for wildlife, participating in backyard bird counts, and recording frog calls with nothing more than a smartphone, communities are getting hands-on with science and furthering our shared understanding of the world. Join a panel of passionate scientists to hear why there has never been a more important time to become a citizen scientist and find out how your school can get involved.

Speakers include Dr Jodi Rowley, Curator of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Biology at the Australian Museum and UNSW Sydney; Professor David Booth, School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney and PhD candidate Thomas Mesaglio.

Climate change solutions are already here and we’re seeing people across the world embrace new ways of living sustainably and adopt clean energy technologies. Hear from inspiring and insightful scientists as they discuss how we can all work together to slow the progress of climate change and better deal with its effects.

Speakers include Dr Jenny Newell, Curator, Climate Change at the Australian Museum; Mira Jordon, Technical Officer Biodiversity Genomics from the Botanic Gardens Sydney and Dr Jennifer Matthews, UTS Chancellors Research Fellow, Climate Change Cluster at the University of Technology Sydney.

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