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Modelling scientific investigations
Question Purpose of question
I am going to investigate... Students focus on the problem and formulate a question for investigation.
What do I think will happen? Students make a prediction.
Why do I think it will happen? Students justify their prediction using existing knowledge, beliefs and experiences. Prior knowledge is activated.
What will I need? Students identify materials and equipment needed for their investigation
How will I make it a fair test? Students refine their plan to ensure that tests are fair and variables are controlled.
What happened? Students record their observations and measurements.
Was this what I expected? Students compare what happened with their prediction. It may force them to confront any discrepancies between their beliefs and their data.
Why did it happen? Students construct an explanation for their data.
What was difficult for me? Students reflect on what they did, how they did it, what was difficult and, perhaps, what was not done well.
How I could improve this investigation? Students identify weaknesses in their investigation and outline improvements that could be made.