• Audience
    Secondary school
  • Learning stage
    Stage 4, Stage 5

Tips and ideas on how to develop a pitch video for your EdTech Youth Challenge project.

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Bring your IBM EdTech Youth Challenge project idea to life with an eye-catching pitch video. Make the most of this great opportunity to tell your story and demonstrate your idea in action. We have put together some helpful tips and principles on how to plan and develop your pitch so you can effectively communicate your proposed idea and solution. More information and instructions on how to submit your video is available in the IBM Project Guide and Project Logbook.


  • Communication

    Video is well-paced and communicated following a clear and logical sequence.

  • Illustrative

    Video uses demonstrations and/or visuals where appropriate to illustrate examples.

  • Accurate language

    Video presents accurate science and technology and uses appropriate language.

  • Passion

    Presentation demonstrates passion from team members about their chosen topic/idea.

  • Sound and image quality

    Video demonstrates good sound and image quality.

  • Length

    Videos must be no longer than 3 mins in duration.


  • Solution addresses the problem

    Video demonstrates your solution addresses the defined problem.

  • User experience

    Video demonstrates your proposed solution meets user needs and provides a better user experience.

  • Originality and creativity

    Presentation demonstrates originality and creativity in your proposed problem and solution.

  • Teamwork and collaboration

    Presentation demonstrates successful collaboration and teamwork with team members clearly illustrating their role in the project.

  • Team learning

    Presentation provides insight into team members learning journey through the challenge and how their AI knowledge and design thinking skills have developed.