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    Children and families, Early years, Primary school
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    Early years, Early Stage 1, Stage 1
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    Science, History, Geography, Creative Arts
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What do you treasure? An object, a person, a memory? We define our precious things with words like ‘rare’, ‘loved’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘priceless’. These values can be personal, communal or objective.

Use the template below to create your own treasure box and fill it with your treasures! Be inspired in the Westpac Long Gallery where you can see 100 of the most-valued objects from the Australian Museum’s collections in 200 Treasures.

  • In the 200 Treasures exhibit you can find the 100 most-valued objects from the Australian Museum's collections and stories from 100 of the most extraordinary people who have shaped Australia.
  • There are lots of different collections at the Australian Museum, both natural and cultural history. You are sure to find the things that most interest you!

  1. What do you treasure? Is it an object, a memory, a person? If it is a person or memory, what could you draw to remind you of them or it?
  2. What is your most valuable treasure? Do you have it in your room at home? Where do you keep it safe?
  3. Why is this treasure important to you? Think about all the memories you associate with it, and all the people you are connected to through it.

Make your own treasure chest and put your favourite treasures inside.