• Audience
    Primary school
  • Learning stage
    Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3
  • Curriculum area
    Science and Technology
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    Science based, Poster

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Spiders are a group of arachnids that have eight legs, two main body parts (a head and cephalothorax) and fangs that produce venom. They can also make silk from their spinnerets at the tip of their abdomen.

  • Spiders have blue blood (haemolymph)!
  • Spiders 'hear’ using tiny hairs on their legs. They can even detect vibrations from your voice.
  • Spiders breath using book lungs.

  1. What do all spiders have in common?
  2. What are some other types of arachnids? How do spiders’ bodies differ from other arachnids?
  3. Research your own spider and describe its adaptations and how they help it to survive.

The Wolf Spider is a hunting spider that chases after its prey. It has very good eyesight. This poster is a diagram of a Wolf Spider with a description of its main body parts. Students can complete the diagram by matching the text to the correct body part.