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In search of information on some of NSW's most poorly-known frogs.

Litoria brevipalmata, Richmond Range NP
Green-thighed Frog Image: Jodi Rowley
© Australian Museum

Most of Australia’s frog species are, in global terms, relatively well-known. This places them well to benefit from conservation management; the more we know about a species, the better-informed our conservation decisions can be. However some Australian frogs are relatively poorly known (or 'data-deficient') and in conjunction with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage’s Saving our Species program, we are working on resolving key gaps in the knowledge of three NSW frog species that are currently threatened with extinction.

The Green-thighed Frog (Litoria brevipalmata), Peppered Tree Frog (Litoria piperata) and Mountain Frog (Philoria kundagungan) are listed in NSW as threatened (Endangered to Critically Endangered), but at present are too poorly-known for the development of informed species management plans. Our research will focus on resolving taxonomic uncertainty and investigating the distribution, ecology and critical threats facing these species. Our aim is to generate a better understanding of each species' management requirements and inform the development of effective management prescriptions for their long-term conservation.