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    Length (head to tail): 9-10m


95 million years ago, late Cretaceous


The Winton Carnosaur was a large, two-legged, meat-eating dinosaur that we only know from its footprints. This dinosaur was probably similar in size to Allosaurus and it could have killed animals as large as a buffalo, or larger.

The Winton Carnosaur may have been herding the smaller dinosaurs at the famous Winton trackway site, trying to corner them for an easy kill.


The Winton Carnosaur left footprints at the Winton trackway, 100km south of Winton in central Queensland. Each print is around 52mm long and they are spaced 2-4m apart.

Did you know?

Footprints from the Winton Carnosaur are the largest tracks of any late Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaur in Australia.