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I have been volunteering in the Anthropology collections at the Australian Museum since January 2013. I assist with inventories of the Pacific ethnographic collections and in research and documentation of the Asian collection.

In addition, I have been working as an intern and volunteer in the Registration Department of the Powerhouse Museum since September 2012. My work includes cataloguing a large number of numismatic collections donated to the Powerhouse by Bill Bush. I’m glad that my contribution to cataloguing and digitising allows these collections to be accessible to the general public via the Museum’s website.

I developed an interest in antiquities, artefacts and museums while in high school. I was influence by my father - an amateur collector and curious enthusiast of antiquities. I love visiting museums and read extensively about archaeology, museums and ancient civilisations. I really enjoy learning about artefacts, different cultures and different people.

I came to Australia early in 2010 having obtained a bachelor degree in Economics at Nankai University, China. With a passionate interest in cultures and museums, I then completed two masters degrees: Cross-Cultural Communication and Museum Studies at the University of Sydney.