Stockland and the Australian Museum have worked together to bring educational and engaging content to retail visitors across New South Wales and Queensland.

In partnership with the Australian Museum, visitors to Stockland Centres were able to visit with the world’s first anatomically correct model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, created for the National Geographic’s documentary T.rex Autopsy.

The magnificent 11 metre long, 2-tonne model up close and personal, proved highly popular, attracting over 120,000 visitors across a 5-month period with Stockland social channels reaching over 300,000 users.

After the overwhelmingly positive response to the partnership, further touring exhibitions have followed including: SuperCroc in 2018, Sharks in 2021 and Future Now, an exhibit that explores sustainable living touring Stockland Retail Town Centres in NSW and QLD in 2022.

Throughout each of these exhibitions, the Australian Museum has committed its dedicated team of scientists from the Australian Museum Research Institute to engage with Stockland visitors providing a unique educational opportunity.

In addition to the exhibit materials, the Australian Museum works with Stockland to develop onsite programming and provides marketing materials for broader promotional opportunities.

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