Learn about the causes of climate change, what life in Australia will look like in 2040 if we don’t take action, and what you and I can do to make a difference.

  • Interact with touch screens and installations to get hands-on with the science of climate change
  • Discover real specimens such as species threatened by climate change and bleached coral from the Great Barrier Reef
  • Watch mini-documentaries featuring Australian Museum scientists and get the low-down on the latest discoveries
  • Explore the ways we can all help slow the changing of the world’s climate.

Exhibition highlights

Climate change interactive

What is happening to Australia’s climate?

Visitors can explore the impacts of climate change in our region, both now and in the future as temperatures continue to rise, in this engaging and visually delightful interactive. There is something for everyone and hidden surprises to be discovered. Can you catch the cockroach or save the Quokkas?

Climate change exhibition 8 October 2020

What are the impacts on biodiversity and people in our region?

Learn how climate change is affecting our biodiversity, wildlife and iconic environments such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Snowy Mountains and Kakadu. The exhibition also explores the widespread impacts on humans with regards to key areas such as food, health, tourism, agriculture and sea level rise.

Surviving Australia

Uncover the secrets of Australia’s weird and wonderful wildlife including giant megafauna from the ancient past.

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