A National Park is an area of land which has been set aside for its native plants and animals and to protect its natural beauty and Indigenous Australian heritage. The National Parks box has been developed in conjunction with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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The National Parks box looks at five environments linking to five different national parks across NSW. This box highlights the importance of National parks across NSW. The content provides a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning about National Parks and Australian wildlife.


  • Black flying fox
  • Echidna in burrow
  • Corroboree frog diorama
  • Broad headed snake diorama
  • insect embedments
  • large map of New South Wales
  • wooden puzzle
  • frog puppet
  • hand lenses
  • dress ups

Information panels

  • Dorrigo National Park / Biodiversity
  • Kosciuszko National Park / A changing climate
  • Blue Mountains National Park / Living with fire
  • Royal National Park / Human Impacts
  • Mungo National Park / Working Together Teaching Resources

Teachers’ resources

  • Background information and activities booklet
  • Information cards (5)
  • Indigenous images (8)
  • Leaf litter sorting information sheets
  • Leaf litter invertebrate key
  • Tracks and Scats flip book
  • Menagerie Game
  • CD - Noises in the Night
  • DVD - Travel Oz - Nature's Bounty: The National Parks Of Australia
  • Amazing Facts about Australian Wildlife Conservation
  • The Bushwalk
  • Cronin’s Key Guide, Australian Wildlife
  • The Nestbox Book

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