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I am Koori inside my blood, inside my body. I am so proud because I am living in town and it’s called spirit land, and it’s called culture, freedom. Kindly and passionate, and it’s called spirit land. I have done really really well with my family, I have done really really well with my relationship, thanks to Koori people. Lurpeen Clarke. Koori woman. Actor and Artist

Photography by Belinda Mason.

Lurpeen Clark, who has Downs Syndrome, is the daughter of the FPDN Deputy Chair, and the granddaughter of Aboriginal boxer Banjo Clarke. The story of Kuuyang is an important cultural part of their lives, and has been handed down for thousands of years. Lupreen knows the story of her country and the story of the struggle to hold onto the ownership and control of it.

Inherited legacy, who are you obligated to, why are we here
To embody our ancestors, is this not clear
How do we define another lives intertwined, we walk in giant shadows on our motherland now and forever You and I.

Lorna Munro

Wiradjuri/Gamilaroi woman

Multidisciplinary Artist