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My name is Tyrone. My mum, well now I call her mum, she used to be my aunty but now she is my mum. I have to call her Mum because my little sister will call her Aunty, so I have to call her Mum. I help her, and I put nappies on Daniella, my little sister. I carry some shopping all the way home for my mum, it’s really good and awesome. I really like it and sometimes I tidy up the house by myself and I help and it’s really awesome. I really really like my life. Tyrone. Darwin, Northern Territory

Photography by Belinda Mason.

Tyrone lives with his Aunt Lesol in the suburbs of Darwin. While Tyrone is Lesol’s nephew, he has no worries in calling her ‘Mum’. Lesol acquired a virus when she was a baby, and it has affected her motor skills on a permanent basis. She also has a baby daughter who is 18 months old. The family often have insufficient support and are sometimes faced with poor judgments within the community due to both race and disability. However, the love and support felt within the family home is to be cherished and admired: Tyrone proudly calls himself the man of the house and helps his Aunty (Mum) where he can while she educates and supports the young ones under her care.

Karla Grant

Dutch and Aboriginal Heritage, a decedent of the Arrernte people in Central Australia

Host and Executive Producer, Living Black (SBS and NITV)