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The 2020 Project is a First Nations-led response to the upcoming 250th anniversary in 2020 of James Cook’s voyage.

To ensure a genuine First Nations-led right of reply to Cook’s 250th anniversary, Laura McBride and Mariko Smith who make up the curatorial team, asked Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples directly what they wanted The 2020 Project to address.

This report provides an overview of The 2020 Project, the consultation process and the results of the consultations.

The resulting consultation data indicates that the role that James Cook plays in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories is very different and contrasts with how he features in the Anglo-Australian master narrative. It is this First Nations perspective that will be presented in an exhibition and associated programming that will take place at the Australian Museum in the second half of 2020.

The 2020 Project Curatorial Team would like to thank all of the First Nations peoples and communities who contributed their knowledge and feedback to The 2020 Project. We would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Old People – the Ancestors and Elders, past and present – who guide us in their wisdom through Country, culture, and community.

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