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This project investigates the economic, environmental and social features of the deep-time traditional grains food systems of First Nations people in the modern world. This story is about revitalising Country by bringing First Nations knowledge systems and science together to think deeply about traditional grains food production. This research is based on Gomeroi Country, Narrabri and features species of grain native to this area and the traditional bush tucker knowledge of local custodians. This multidisciplinary project is run in partnership with the University of Sydney.

For more information, podcasts, webinars and short videos on the Grasslands to Grain project, go to: https://www.sydney.edu.au/science/our-research/research-areas/life-and-environmental-sciences/indigenous-grasslands-grain.html

This project is funded by the Australian Museum and the University of Sydney. The filming, film crew and staff are from the University of Sydney, and the Grasslands to Grain project is coordinated by University of Sydney. The Australian Museum have edited and produced the film.