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A snapshot of some of the reptile research going on at the Australian Museum.

Mulga Snake Pseudechis australis
A young Mulga Snake (Pseudechis australis) from the arid country of SA. Image: Stephen Mahony
© Stephen Mahony

The herpetology team is involved in collaborative projects aimed at understanding the relationships of reptile groups in Australia.

A particular current focus is on geckos in NSW. In recent years, numerous new species of gecko have been described from NSW. These description have generally stemmed from genetic analysis of previously thought widespread species revealing them to actually be very similar related ‘cryptic species’. Additionally several new, unusual or isolated populations of geckos have been identified within NSW but not closely examined to determine their relationships to their sister gecko species. As part of a broader project to resolve gecko systematics within NSW, we are working to understand the relationships and taxonomy of unusual or isolated populations of geckos within NSW.

Other collaborations focus on northern Australia, including research on the dragon lizards of the Northern Territory and Kimberley, and elapid snakes accross northern Australia.

northern velvet gecko

Northern velvet gecko (Oedura castelnaui), Ravenswood, QLD, Australia.

Image: Jodi Rowley
© Jodi Rowley