Dr Ross Sadlier

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Senior Fellow
  • Section
    Herpetology Collection
    Australian Museum Research Institute

My association with the Australian Museum spans a period of over 40 years, much of this managing the herpetology collection. I now hold the position of Senior Fellow since retiring in 2017.

My research interests combine field and lab-based studies that extend Australia-wide. These include work on the diversity and systematics of rainforest dependent lizards, the reptile fauna of western New South Wales, and unravelling the extent of geographic variation in Cunningham’s Skink. I also work extensively on the lizard fauna of the Pacific Ocean island of New Caledonia, where I have been involved in the description of approximately half the islands highly endemic lizard fauna of over 100 species. I combine my research interests with conservation actions and have twice been involved in the formal IUCN assessment of the New Caledonian lizards.

More recently I worked with John Cann on a new edition of his book on Australian freshwater turtles. The end product was 400+ pages showcasing John’s magnificent photos gathered over a lifelong commitment to researching these animals. I consider both the book and the honour of collaborating with John a capping moment in my life as herpetologist.

I continue my research interests in ‘retirement’, the next challenge a revision of our 2000 ‘Herpetofauna of New Caledonia’ with long-time collaborator and friend Prof. Aaron Bauer of Villanova University, USA.