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In New South Wales there are laws to protect plants and animals that are in danger of extinction. There are also laws to protect endangered populations and ecological communities.

At present ten invertebrate animals have been listed as endangered, three insects and seven land snail species and one land snail community are listed as threatened in NSW:

Four of these species are from Lord Howe Island:

Gudeoconcha sophiae magnifica

Mystivagor mastersi

Pseudocharopa ledgirdi

Pseudocharopa whiteleggei

Two species are from Western Sydney:

Pommerhelix duralensis

Meridolum corneovirens is found only in western Sydney in the Cumberland Plain Woodland ecosystem, a prime development site for western Sydney. Since the listing of this species in late 1997 the Australian Museum has had many inquiries about these snails.

One is from the North Shore:

Thersites mitchellae

Threatened community:

Mount Kaputah high elevation land snail and slug community