Echidna skins in the Mammalogy Collection Area Click to enlarge image
It is essential that the provenance of any echidna specimens is recorded so scientists can clearly understand changes in adaptations or where they occur over time. The provenance includes the place, date, and name of the collector. Image: Abram Powell
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A glossary of terms and definitions used in biology and related disciplines such as zoology, zoogeography, palaeontology, animal taxonomy and classification and evolutionary biology.

  • Endemic

    Native to one area or continent only.

  • Eutheriansa

    A subclass of mammals which give birth to undeveloped young, which are attached to their mother's teat. The teats are generally located in a pouch.

  • Monotremes

    A subclass of mammals which includes the Platypus and Echidnas. They are the only mammals that lay eggs.

  • Gondwanathe

    The ancient southern supercontinent that included Australia, New Guinea, South America, Africa, India and Antarctica.

  • Pleistocene Epoch

    Approximately 2 million - 10,000 years ago.

  • Pliocene Epoch

    Approximately 5 - 2 million years ago.