Key Info

Jae Santos is the Technical Officer responsible for the digitisation of the museum’s Malacology collections.

His work involves:

  • maintaining the safe housing of specimens
  • updating the collection to reflect published changes in taxonomy
  • ensuring the data of each specimen is captured in the museum’s database

Before joining the Australian Museum in 2020, Jae worked and volunteered with the Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand, rehousing and digitising their marine invertebrate collection.

Jae has a background in cephalopod taxonomy – his MSc research used an integrative taxonomic approach to describe new bottletail squids (Sepiolida: Sepiadariidae) from New Zealand waters.

In addition to his technical role in Malacology, Jae puts his teaching experience to use by participating in the Australian Museum’s outreach and education events such as ‘Early Birds: Autism and Sensory-Friendly Mornings’ and ‘Scientist for a Day: Malacology’.


The University of Auckland:

BSc., 2016 – Computer Science & Marine Science

PGDipSci., 2018 – Marine Science

Auckland University of Technology:

MSc. (Research), 2021 – Marine Science. Thesis title: Two New ‘Bottletail Squids’ (Cephalopoda: Sepiadariidae) from New Zealand, with New Observations on Sepioloidea pacifica (Kirk, 1882)