Alysse Cutajar. Quality Officer, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics, AMRI

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Quality Officer, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics.
  • Branch
    Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
    Australian Museum Research Institute

Alysse Cutajar is the Quality Officer at The Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics (ACWG) at the Australian Museum Research Institute.

Prior to joining ACWG, Alysse completed a Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) at the University of Western Sydney, and further studied a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Forensic Science/Molecular Biology. Her honours project looked at developing techniques for obtaining informative genetic markers from low template and degraded human samples, and sequencing these through next generation/massively parallel sequencing techniques.

She then furthered her career conducting routine sequencing within a biopharmaceutical testing company, before progressing to quality assurance and finding her interests in this field. Alysse now works within the ACWG team as the Quality Officer.


  • Bachelor of Science: Honours (Forensic science, Molecular Biology), University of Western Sydney. ‘Obtaining Forensically Important Information from Compromised Samples Using Massively Parallel Sequencing’.
  • Bachelor of Science: Forensic Science, University of Western Sydney