In 2022, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) partnered with the Australian Museum (AM) for the Sharks exhibition. The collaboration allowed DPI the opportunity to promote its scientific research and SharkSmart app in a world class exhibition at the AM.

DPI were showcased significantly throughout the AM’s Sharks exhibition. DPI provided a range of technologies for displays, including a DPI branded drone, different types of shark tags, a tagged shark listening station, and an iPad and smart watch showcasing the SharkSmart app. DPI Shark Scientists, including Dr. Vic Peddemors, were featured in several videos in the exhibition, and DPI research was shared in the AM-produced information boards.

DPI also had the opportunity to showcase their scientists’ work in the AM’s ‘Twilight Bites’ evening talk sessions, and in the AM’s ‘Meet the Experts’ school programming and online school resources. DPI’s Dr Amy Smoothey presented “The Tooth about Sharks”, a fun demonstration using real specimens and audience participation to explore the adaptations, diversity, and importance of sharks, as well as teaching the audience about being ‘shark smart’ in the ocean. This was followed by a Q&A session where kids could handle the specimens on stage!

The Sharks exhibition at the Australian Museum provided an integrated partnership opportunity for DPI, creating an environment for their organisation and science to reach the AM’s engaged audience with 165,000 visitors and a social reach of over 119,000 on posts specifically promoting DPI’s involvement.