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1991 POL Eureka Prize for Environmental Research

Professor Martin Green, UNSW

Outstanding contribution to the development of high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells.

1991 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Industry

Joint winners

BHP Pty Ltd.

Awarded for their outstanding support of industrial research in Australia and its commitment to seeking greater commercial developments from publicly funded research.


Biotech International Ltd.

For the development and exploitation of Australian biotechnology as well as their strong commitment to research, development and training.

1991 ABC Eureka Prize for the Promotion of Science

Professor Paul Davies

For his outstanding contribution in communicating the excitement and importance, especially physics and cosmology, to the general public through books, articles, radio and television programs and public lectures.

A special award was also presented to

Dr Ben Selinger, Australian National University

For an outstanding contribution in showing the place and relevance of chemistry in our society through his involvement in public lectures, radio and television programmes and for his outstanding book “Chemistry in the Marketplace”.

1991 NSWU Press Science Book Prize

Penny van Oosterzee, photography by Reg Morrison

For The Centre’

This richly and beautifully illustrated books describes itself as ‘the first natural history of this region for 100 years and as such... the culmination of a broad spectrum of study and analysis of this little-understood part of the world’.