Explorer Backpacks 2021
Promotional photoshoot for Explorer Backpacks program launching in February 2021. Two themed backpacks  developed for 3-8 year olds to engage with the Dinosaurs and Wild Planet exhibitions.  Each backpack includes ‘how-to-use' instructions, activities, an explorer booklet outlining activities, a field book/passbook, a playmat, floor cushions, and some educational resources and dress-ups. Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

Ages: 3-8 years

Embark on an adventure around the Australian Museum’s Wild Planet or Dinosaurs galleries with this fun Explorer Backpack filled with exciting hands-on activities for your little explorer(s) to enjoy.

Each backpack contains five fun activities, explorer gear, dress ups and tools, a field book to take home and more! The program is designed for the whole family and the price includes hire of the backpack for up to two hours.

The activities are designed to be open-ended and it is anticipated that some children won’t complete all activities in any one visit. As such, we encourage repeat hire of the backpack.

Backpack themes include Dinosaur Explorer and Animal Explorer.

Please note: Children must be supervised by their parent/carer at all times.

  1. Explorer Backpacks are intended for children aged 3 to 8 years. Due to the presence of small toys in the backpack activities, backpacks are not recommended for children aged 0-3. By hiring a backpack, you are responsible for ensuring that children in your care are supervised at all times while using the backpack and its contents.
  2. Explorer Backpacks are intended as an educational enhancement for your child’s visit to the AM. You are not permitted to leave AM premises with an Explorer Backpack. If you need to leave AM premises at any time (even temporarily) you must return the Explorer Backpack to Burra on Level 2 or the AM will charge you the Replacement Fee of $50.
  3. Explorer Backpacks are regularly cleaned to ensure health and safety.
  4. Explorer Backpacks can be hired for a time slot of 2 hours. With the exception of the field book which is your child's to take home, you must return each backpack and its contents by the end of your designated time slot. The AM, in its discretion, allows 30 minutes’ grace for you to return a backpack before you are charged an additional Hire Fee for each time slot or part thereof after your allocated time slot, up to the value of the Replacement Fee.
  5. The Hire Fees for Explorer Backpacks are non-refundable once you pick up the Explorer Backpack from Burra on Level 2. Please refer to the AM’s refund policy here.
  6. It is recommended that Explorer Backpacks are booked in advance online as there are limited numbers of each type of Explorer Backpack available in each time slot. To complete your booking, you must have a valid credit card.
  7. AM Members receive a 20% discount on Hire Fees. In addition to a valid credit card, Members are required to provide a valid AM Membership number when booking and have proof of your current AM membership ready when checking-out your backpack.
  8. On booking, the AM will charge your credit card for the Hire Fee but reserves the right to make additional charges to your credit card in the following circumstances:
    - Where you do not return the backpack at the end of your allotted time slot in accordance with clause 5; or
    - Where you do not return the backpack in good order, the AM will charge you the Replacement Fee.
  9. Returning a backpack in good order means that all items of the Backpack, except the field book, are returned in usable condition, excepting normal wear and tear. AM staff inspect each Backpack and sanitise, replenish, replace consumable items and worn-out items. Please inform AM staff of any damages as soon as possible to avoid Replacement Fee.
  10. Please choose your sessions carefully as the AM is not able to accommodate changes of session times or themes if you have booked the wrong date or time.
  11. The AM reserves the right to suspend or terminate this Explorer Backpack program at any time and without notice. In that event, any Hire Fees for Explorer Backpacks will be refunded where the Backpack has not yet been loaned out.