Meet the team responsible for protecting the Australian Museum’s renowned collections – from preserving archaeological and cultural objects, rare books and archives, to biology and geology specimens.

Join a fascinating tour of the newly refurbished Collection Care and Conservation Laboratory. Meet the Collection Care and Conservation team of Heather Bleechmore and Sheldon Teare as they provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Australian Museum's ongoing collection care programs, including the excavation of a diprotodon skull, specimens chosen for the new Minerals Gallery and examples of rehousing projects recently completed for Natural Science Type Specimen collections.

Experience an exclusive and up-close look at three 2500-year-old Egyptian cartonnage masks and one foot cover that were used in Ancient Egyptian burial practices. The restoration of these fragile items was funded by an Australian Museum Foundation grant. Learn about the restoration treatment proposed for one of the Museum's oldest and possibly Australia's first oil painting depicting underwater scenes - Medusae of the Australian Seas painted by Austrian naturalist Robert von Lendenfeld in 1887.

Sheldon with Eric Pliosaur