mayanj gungara barra barradha (We Live By the Sea)
Leanne Brook (Murramarang, Yuin), 2021. Acrylic on canvas. Australian Museum Collection Commission. Image: Abram Powell
© Australian Museum

Leanne Brook (Murramarang, Yuin), 2021
Acrylic on canvas
Australian Museum Collection Commission

mayanj gungara barra barradha (we live by the sea), Leanne Brook (Murramarang, Yuin)
A Stella Stories Production by Amanda Jane Reynolds, 2021
Australian Museum Collection Commission

Country is abundant

A Yuin family group are camping at Durras Point where their mob has always made camp. The autumn air and sea currents still hold some warmth, Country is abundant and life is beautiful. Women and children are twisting and turning their feet in sand for pipis – leaving a line of holes along the beach to quickly fill with water. Rolling waves sift pipis from the sand and the women fill their dilly bags while others fish for squid off the rocks. The setting sun casts yellow, orange and pink hues across the Country and the Yuin women head back through the ancient spotted gums to camp with the rest of their family. Leanne Brook (Murramarang, Yuin), 2021